What’s with Wheat?

What’s With Wheat?

 The wheat we eat has changed dramatically, it doesn’t even resemble how it used to look. We seeing more wheat and gluten sensitivity every day all around the world and there is a strong connection between gluten and autoimmune diseases. Tens of thousands of people are suffering from ill health and don’t realize that it’s the result of the poor food choices they make. This investigation helps to answer the hard questions about our health today. This documentary features fifteen global experts who shed light on what is happening. What’s With Wheat is a 2016 film that was directed by Justin Brown and written by Cyndi O’Meara. It is available to watch on YouTube and Netflix and Amazon.

My Story

From my own experience, cutting wheat from my diet has made a huge change in how I live my life. The digestion of my daily meals used to be extremely unpredictable. I never knew how my body was going to react from one day to the next and from one meal to the next. I had horrible bloating, gas pain and irritable bowels. It felt like I couldn’t go anywhere with friends and family to have a meal, because of the embarrassment if my stomach got upset. Plus I had heartburn so severe, I needed to take a prescription pill for it. I knew I had to make a change, but everything I tried, failed.

This movie made a huge difference in how and what I eat. After watching it, I did my research and decided to try Keto. Now that I have started eating ketogenically and cutting out wheat in all forms, including my personal hygiene products like body soap, shampoo, and conditioner, my life has been transformed. Since cutting wheat from my life, I haven’t had one single episode of stomach issues. I am free to share a meal with friends and family anytime I like, including all the spicy foods I love. Now have the iron stomach I always wished I had because I am no longer poisoning myself with wheat.



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