What is Keto?

Keto. What’s it all about?

Lose weight with KetoI know what you’re thinking…….another fad diet that’s going to make me starve and feel miserable. Well, guess what, not only will you not starve but you will feel better than you ever have before. Keto isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle that literally will change your whole life. You will be satiated and full without overeating. Plus you get to eat bacon and plenty of it. Now you are saying to yourself….you had me at bacon but please go on.

What is the Keto lifestyle all about? It’s about the right balance of high fat, moderate protein, and low carbs. It’s about eating the way our ancestors ate. Have you ever seen a fat animal out in the wild? Of course, you haven’t. Do you know why? Because wild animals don’t eat bread, candy, sugary drinks or pasta. Their bodies regulate their food intake because they fuel it with the proper nutrients, not sugar. Just like people did thousands of years ago. Our bodies haven’t changed, only our eating habits. Fat makes you full and sugar makes you crave more and more even when your belly is bursting.

Breaking it down.

Let’s break it down to make it a little easier to understand. When I say high fat, I mean healthy fats like fatty cuts of meat, avocado, butter, coconut oil and yes even bacon grease. Moderate protein comes in the form of things like beef, pork, chicken, and wild caught mean like boar and venison. Most of your carbs are going to come from leafy green vegetables like spinach, asparagus, kale, cabbage and the dreaded brussels sprout. Trust me on this when I say, everything tastes better cooked in bacon grease…..even brussels sprouts.

You will see improvements in digestion and IBS. You will gain muscle and improve your endurance. Keto helps kidney function and reduces heartburn and acid reflux. It improves arthritis and you’ll lose weight. In the end, you will be healthier, feel better and live longer. Now that you have a basic knowledge of the Ketogenic lifestyle, I invite you to read further into my blog and change your life for the better.



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