Week Two of My 90 Day Workout Journey

Week Two of My 90 Day Workout Journey


It’s week two of my 90 day workout journey.  Fourteen days down and seventy six to go. It was a good week, stepped out of my comfort zone and took on a new challenge. Made it to the gym every day with just a touch of complaining which I will explain later.

This week, I definitely put in the effort. I checked out the local UFC Gym ( this is not a sponsored blog post. I am simply letting you know what and where) to see what they had to offer. I went in and talked to the manager about the boxing classes. Unfortunately I had missed the Boxing conditioning class for the day but the Kickboxing Conditioning Class was starting in a little over an hour and I was invited to try it out for free to see if I liked it.

I was eager to check it out, so I said sure why not. So I went home and changed and then went back to the gym about thirty minutes before class started so I could learn how to wrap my hands, borrow a pair of gloves and meet with the instructor to introduce myself.


The Workout.


My instructor’s name was Aaron and he is a super nice guy. I told him that I couldn’t run due to a childhood injury to my knee and he assured me that he would make sure and give me alternate exercises when the time came. And boy did he. I never worked out so hard in my life.

Sixty minutes of constant movement with small increments of fifteen to thirty seconds to rest. Of course, if you needed to you could stop and get a drink at any time. It was a small class with people of every level of fitness, so you didn’t have to worry about being the odd man out in a room full of high level kickboxers. The class included the use of a heavy bag for kicking and punching, calisthenics with hand weights, pushups, planks and stretching. The video below gives you an idea of what it was like.


So what did I think?

At the end of class, my instructor Aaron came over to me and asked what I thought of the workout. I said, I really hate you right now, so I am going to sign up to come back lol. He laughed with me and encouraged me to keep at it and it will become easier.

So after I got a very well deserved drink of water, I signed up, bought my own wraps and gloves (  I picked white to match the white sneakers I always wear 😉  ) and got a weekly schedule of classes. I’m not going to lie though, I have never been so sore after a workout in my life. Not that it stopped me from doing my regular workouts the rest of the week. I just made sure to use the muscles that weren’t sore, or at least not as sore. It wasn’t easy but I am sticking to my commitment of 90 days.

Week two 90 day workout journey


What did I eat this week?


So far, eating an adapted carnivore diet is really working for me. This week I cut back on cheese. I had about one and a half ounces at two different meals on two different days.  Mostly ribeyes and hamburger were on the menu again this week, as well as thick cut bacon and eggs. I also added green chile and avocado twice. I drank a lot of sparkling water and black coffee and several glasses of matcha green tea. Next week I am cutting out the sparkling water and I’m going to try and focus on regular water and various kinds of tea. I will also be switching up my meat choices a bit.

I did OMAD ( one meal a day ) every other day and two meals a day on the in between days. I also ended the week on a twenty four hour fast. I skip breakfast in favor of lunch and dinner. When I do OMAD, I try to aim for midday as it works better for me personally. And I always do my workouts fasted. I feel I get a better workout when my stomach isn’t full and it also prevents me from getting nauseous during a hard workout.


My Stats for week two of my 90 day workout journey.

Weight loss – One and one half pounds. I fell pretty good about this as I know I am gaining muscle and I continue to have NSV (non scale victories)

Stamina – I worked out every day but it was harder after the kickboxing class. I look forward to getting better at it and feeling better after it.

Injuries – None. Unless you count soreness 😉

Strength Improvement – Hard to say. I feel stronger and I have increased my reps, so I am heading in the right direction.

Sleep – Tried to start a routine but it was a crazy week for me, so I don’t think I got as much sleep as I should have. I will work on it.

Goals for next week – Work on my sleep routine. Take at least two boxing classes.

Week two of my 90 day workout journey went really well. If you are joining me on this journey, you got this! If you are cheering me on from the sidelines, I appreciate your support. 🙂 If you would like to support me on my 90 day workout journey please click below and buy me a cup of coffee. With all this working out, I certainly could use it 🙂


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