Week one of My 90 Day Workout Journey

Week one of my 90 day workout journey.

So it’s week one of my 90 day workout journey. Seven days down and eighty three to go. I made it through my first seven days and I have to say, so far so good. Of course, at this point, it’s pretty easy to say that. We’ll see how I feel when I am eighty three days in with seven to go lol.

I made it to the gym every day with almost no complaint. As it was my first week, in my opinion, this is to be expected. I did all of my workouts in a fasted state this week and I did a lot of cardio on the elliptical, some weight lifting and calisthenics. But I don’t feel like I gave it as much effort as I intended to.


week one 90 day


If I am going to do this right I need to go outside my comfort zone. And honestly, I didn’t do that this week. I mostly did elliptical and lifting weights with some calisthenics thrown in for good measure. Which is basically my regular routine when I work out.

I may need to join a regular gym instead of just using my home gym. Plus I was thinking of trying out the local UFC gym’s Boxing Conditioning class. (not a paid plug by the way) It’s only $15 for 15 days of all the classes you want. Sounds pretty good to me and a great way to get out of my comfort zone.


Boxing gloves

What did I eat?

I ate carnivore but added green chile and avocado at three meals. This week I ate a lot of ribeyes and hamburgers cooked in butter and Tin Star. I included cheese in about half of my meals and butter on the side if I felt I needed more fat added to my meal. I drank at least one cup of coffee or Matcha tea a day, usually before I worked out.

And I tried to drink at least 5 cups of water in the form of either regular water, sparkling water or regular water that I added a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. I know the ACV sounds unappealing to some people, but I actually like the taste.

One thing I did eat in about a third of my meals was cheese. It adds a little bit of yummy goodness to a hamburger which can be kind of bland by itself. However, I think I am going to cut that back to once a week as I feel I ate too much and it affected my weight loss for the week. I am going to dry some different seasonings to spice things up a bit.

My stats for the week.

Weight loss – Zero. Not sure if this is from stress or just too much cheese lol. It might also be because I have gained muscle. I did have a few NSV (non scale victory) this week so that would make sense.

Stamina – No problems working out. Lots of energy throughout the week.

Injuries – None

Strength Improvement – Baseline as it was my first week.

Goals for next week – Exercise outside of my comfort zone. Add more intensity to my workouts. Cut back on the cheese 😉

Sleep – I had a few nights that I didn’t sleep as well as I liked. I have to work on my nighttime routine to make sure I am as relaxed and ready for sleep as I can be. I have been trying out drinking some Valerian tea before bed. On the nights I had it, I slept well. I don’t want to have to depend on it for sleep, so I won’t be taking it every night.

I’m looking forward to the second week of my 90 day workout journey. Next update should be exciting. If you are joining me on this journey, you got this! If you are cheering me on from the sidelines, I appreciate your support. 🙂

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