Week Five of my 90 Day Workout Journey.

Week Five of my 90 Day Workout Journey.


It’s week five of my 90 day workout journey. Thirty five days down and fifty five to go. I am five weeks in and working out every day now feels like second nature. I did have a slight injury this week but I will talk about that in a second. It didn’t stop me from getting a workout in every day and that’s the important thing.


week five of my 90 day workout journey


My workouts.


This week I incorporated some yoga into my workout routine. I learned that you really can build up a sweat doing yoga. I found it to not only be challenging but also relaxing. Which was perfect because like I said I had an injury at kickboxing this week. And in case you didn’t know it, cats are very helpful when doing yoga, or at least they think so.


Week five of my 90 day workout journey


My injury.


It was towards the end of class, and in my exuberance in the punching and kicking combination on the heavy bag, I twisted my leg too far and gave my ankle a good whack. At first, it seemed ok, it just stung a bit. But when I got home and took a look at it, my ankle had ballooned up double in size. After taking off my shoe and walking it on it barefoot, it was very apparent that I had injured it. Nothing serious but I restricted myself to yoga and upper body workouts for the last three days of the week.


What did I eat this week?


I started my week with a two day fast. I broke my fast with a very simple bacon, eggs, and green chile meal. With extra butter on everything. The rest of the week I had ribeye, some hamburger, pork chops, eggs and of course bacon. I had an avocado with two meals and spinach with one.

I didn’t do OMAD this week but instead focused on listening to what my body was telling me. And it told me it wanted two meals a day. I believe this to be because I am now in a regular workout routine and am not only burning fat but also gaining muscle.


Weight Loss – I have decided to start weighing only once a month as I find myself being a little obsessed with what the scale says every week. I know I am making progress because of the way my clothes fit. And, as it is highly unlikely that the closet fairy is sneaking into my room at night and letting all my clothes out, I know I am on the right track.

Stamina – No big increase from last week. I still feel strong and my endurance is getting better every day.

Injuries – Hurt my ankle at kickboxing. It only took a few days to heal and it didn’t stop me from working out.

Strength improvement – Again no significant improvement from last week. But I know I am getting stronger every day.

Sleep – Except for two nights, my sleep has been very good this week. Staying up a little bit later is definitely working for me.

Goals for next week – Add more yoga my workout week. I plan on doing another two day fast to start the week as well as going totally carnivore this week.


Week five of my 90 day workout journey wasnt perfect but it went well. If you are joining me on this journey, you got this! If you are cheering me on from the sidelines, I appreciate your support. 🙂 If you would like to support me on my 90 day workout journey please click below and buy me a cup of coffee. With all this working out, I certainly could use it 🙂


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