Tin Star Brown Butter – Review

Tin Star Brown Butter.

If you haven’t tried Tin Star brown Butter Ghee yet……go, now, run and get it! It is 100% grass-fed, non-GMO, clarified butter. For our Paleo friends out there, it is also Whole 30. And it is gluten-free, lactose-free and casein free.

I’ll tell you what it isn’t free from…flavor. This brown butter ghee has a delicious caramelized hazelnut taste that is simply heavenly in just about anything, including Keto coffee. Tin Star also makes individual single serving packs of Ghee and MCT oil for you to take on the go, so you are always Keto ready throughout your day. Honestly, I can eat a spoonful right out of the jar as a quick fat fix. It has a high smoke point of 485 degrees, which means you can use it when you are grilling without burning your food. I’m sure you can imagine how great it is in Keto Fat Bombs. I use it when I make both sweet and savory fat bombs.

Tin Star Brown Butter

Tin Star Brown Butter

Zero Carbs.

This ghee has such a wonderfully tasty and rich flavor, you will feel like you are cheating. Pair it with a yummy loaf of Keto bread, alongside your Keto coffee for a well-deserved treat after a hard day. It has zero carbs and 15 grams of total fat per one tablespoon serving. And with only two organic ingredients, you just can’t go wrong. It’s a home run in my book!

It is available at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Amazon. You can also check your local organic grocer and supermarket. If they don’t carry Tin Star Brown Butter, ask them to! Here’s a helpful tip, buy two because it gets sold out pretty quickly. Enjoy and let me know about all of the fun ways you use it 🙂


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