The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill.

The Magic Pill is an eye opening documentary that will show you what has been going on in the food industry for decades. People around the world are fighting illness through a fundamental change in eating. Using fat as our main source of fuel is showing huge promise in improving the health of people. I highly recommend watching it.

Food is fuel for your body and just like your car, if you put the wrong fuel in it it won’t run properly or it will break down completely. We have been told for years to follow the government guidelines of the food pyramid and eat plenty of so called heart healthy high carb grains. While all along the truth was the complete opposite. This film not only talks about but it shows the huge difference a high fat, low carb diet can make in the lives of people who are suffering from several different times of disease and ailments. From asthma to autism and cancer, we see the changes in their health and life.

Take a good look at what you are eating.

We’ve all been lied to and we need to take our health back. It’s time we all take a good look at the foods we are putting into our bodies. Stop all of the prepackaged high carb, high sugar and get back to cooking delicious and healthy real food. Read the labels on the food you purchase, so you see what is really in it. And don’t be afraid to ask what’s in your meal the next time you go out to dinner. If you watch only one documentary this year, I would recommend The Magic Pill. This 2017 film was directed by Robert Tate and written by Pete Evans, Nora Gedgaudas, and Lierre Keith. It’s available to watch on YouTube and Netflix and Amazon.

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