Grass Fed Beef vs Grass Finished Beef.

Is Grass Fed Beef really 100% grass fed?

In the world of Ketogenic eating, grass fed beef is a big deal because it’s so much healthier than regular feedlot beef. But is it really? The term “Grass Fed” doesn’t mean what you think it does. It simply means that at some point in it’s life, the cow ate grass. The “Grass Fed” label on a package may be used to identify any beef from cattle that were started on grass but were also given grain or were 100% finished on a fully grain-based diet.

Grass fed beef vs Grass finished beefLet’s talk about what a grain based diet consists of. You may think it’s just corn and barley. Well, you would be partly right. And by partly I mean parts of corn and barley. “Grass Fed” cows finished on grain eat what is basically garbage for the last 90 to 120 days before slaughter. That garbage consists of things like corn byproducts like husks and cobs, soy and soy hulls, spent brewery grain, spent distillers grain, breakfast cereals, cotton byproducts, old candy that includes the wrappers, peanut shells, taco shells, refried beans, cookies, old bread and cakes, cottonseed hulls. And the byproducts of milling wheat into flour. They feed them this diet to fatten them up because it’s cheap, so they can get a higher price at market. They are knowingly deceiving the public to increase their profit. Because “Grass Fed Beef” commands approximately 3-5 dollars more per pound.

Why Grass Finished is better.

‘Grass Finished” on the label means that no grain is ever fed to the cows. It means the animals never receive antibiotics because there is no need to. Cows that are fed grain need antibiotics, without them, they will die because grain is an unnatural diet for a cow. And all the benefits from starting out “Grass Fed” are totally destroyed by it finishing on grain. They are also fed growth hormones because they don’t allow them to fully mature because it takes too long.

“Grass Finished” cows are pasture raised and eat only natural forage like grass. Finished beef means the animal was allowed to physically mature and will produce high quality beef with marbling that is tender and flavorful.

There is nothing like a good steak or juicy hamburger cooked on the grill. Check to see if you have a local rancher that sells grass finished beef. Just remember to check the label and ask questions when you are buying Grass Fed Beef. If it isn’t “GRASS FINISHED” than you might as well just buy the regular beef. Because unless you do your research on that particular beef producer, it is probably grain finished and you are wasting your money.


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