FatHead – Movie Review

Fathead – Movie Review

Comedian Tom Naughton loses weight while on a fast food diet to prove that the popular opinions on obesity and healthy eating are wrong. This is the documentary movie started me in the direction of Keto. FatHead was released in 2009 and was written and directed by Tom Naughton. It doesn’t talk about Keto specifically but it does talk about a high fat diet and the Paleo diet. But mostly it debunks the myth that fat is the enemy.

FatHead Documentary

A bunch of bologna.

The premise of this documentary is to show that you can lose weight by eating only high fat fast food. And although I don’t support this as a regular way of eating, it makes a great point. He talks about how the food pyramid and all the healthy eating guidelines we have all adhered to for decades are really just a bunch of bologna. Bologna, by the way, is Keto approved as long as you make sure it is sugar free.

Naughton’s Fathead documentary is a response to the documentary Super Size Me. In which a vegan decides to only eat McDonald’s for 30 days. Super Size Me, in my opinion, is a farce. But you can watch it for yourself and see what you think.

FatHead also targets the science of a high fat diet versus the standard western diet. In addition, he discusses the politics behind the nutrition recommendations given out by the United States government. Which is based on the Ancel Keys “Seven Countries Study” in that Keys intentionally falsified his hypothesis with fraudulent data by removing anything that didn’t fit into his study.

This movie is definitely worth a look see. Tom Naughton tells the tale in both an amusing and informative way. At the very least he helping to dispel the long held definition of what a healthy diet is. It is available for viewing on Amazon Prime and Youtube. So check it out and let me know what you thought of it. And in the meantime…..Be Strong and Keto On !


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