Grass Fed Beef vs Grass Finished Beef.

Grass fed beef vs Grass finished beef

Is Grass Fed Beef really 100% grass fed? In the world of Ketogenic eating, grass fed beef is a big deal because it’s so much healthier than regular feedlot beef. But is it really? The term “Grass Fed” doesn’t mean what you think it does. It simply means that at…

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What’s with Wheat?

What's with Wheat

What’s With Wheat?  The wheat we eat has changed dramatically, it doesn’t even resemble how it used to look. We seeing more wheat and gluten sensitivity every day all around the world and there is a strong connection between gluten and autoimmune diseases. Tens of thousands of people are suffering…

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Sugar is a Drug

Sugar is a drug

Sugar is in everything.  Sugar is a drug. And like any other drug, it is addictive. If you can’t get through the day without soda or chocolate, you are probably addicted. Honestly, it’s not even your fault. Because Sugar is in everything. And the sugar industry does it’s best to make…

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All I wanted was a Roast Chicken.

Roast chicken

All I wanted was a roast chicken.  After a hard day, I just didn’t feel like cooking and since I was at Costco already, a $4.99 Kirkland Signature Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken seemed like the perfect solution.  A bargain and Keto to boot, or so I thought. It says right on…

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